Virtual Football: Why more Nigerians are in love with it


 The advent of the internet has seen a lot of innovation. The internet, bursting at the seams is laced with numerous ways to entertain oneself. From streaming your favorite series to playing virtual football and even your favorite online game, the pleasure derived from the internet is ceaseless and the same applies to sports lovers.

It even gets better for those who are punters and in love with sports betting as the internet has made sports betting and casinos accessible online. Indeed, so popular has the internet made the former that it’s grown into a trillion-dollar industry.

As the most popular sport on the planet, it’s little surprise that football is the most widely betted-on sport. However, fans of sports and sports betting, in general, are seeking new forms of entertainment to keep things fresh and engaging. As a result, the innovative idea of virtual football sprung to life.

What is virtual football?

As the name suggests, virtual football is a simulated version of the sport, football, which is created to allow fans to bet on the outcome. Virtual football is the same as real-life football with the only exception being that it takes place online. Though following the same rules as games in real life, it does not involve real players. Instead, the games are set up by each bookmaker and it uses a computer algorithm to determine what team wins each game.

Why is virtual football so popular?

Now that you understand what virtual football is, the next question to ask might be why is the pastime so popular? If regular football enjoys such a global following, what need is there for a simulated version of the sport?

 Well, virtual football carries a few advantages which set it aside from your regular football, including the following:

        Non-stop games: Unlike regular football where fans have to wait until a fixture is scheduled before placing their bets, virtual football takes place continually. As soon as one game ends, another starts – 24 hours a day – so there’s always a market to bet on.


        Immediacy: It’s human nature to crave instant gratification, which is another reason why virtual football is so popular. Standard football games take 90 minutes and in some cases longer to complete, whereas a virtual football match is over within three minutes. Now that’s an immediacy worth writing home about.



        Familiarity: Also the familiarity with the user interface amongst users in some ways has contributed to the huge success of virtual football among its players. This familiarity among fans of the sport makes them instantly comfortable with the concept and enhances their enjoyment of the experience.


It has to be said that virtual football betting is a fun and exciting alternative to real-life football betting. Although some of the ecstasy and the thrill may be lost, as the games do not feature real-life players, it should be noted that virtual football and other virtual games are still incredibly compelling due to the high-quality graphics and sound effects featured for added realism.

Apart from the above-stated advantages virtual football carries, many punters have turned toward virtual football betting due to a few reasons which we will be highlighting in this piece.


It’s Easily Adaptive Features/Uniqueness:

It has to be reiterated especially for newbies that virtual football is not based on any real-life football, and that no prior knowledge of football is required to enjoy betting on events here. Just the same way you don’t need to know anything about the subject matter of a slot game before you can play, one doesn’t need to be a football expert to play virtual football.


League Diversity/Availability:

Another reason punters are drawn to virtual football is the diversity of leagues available at their fingertips. Virtual football offers punters a wild range of competitions to pick from, competitions such as the Spanish League, English League, the Italian League, and even the German league are all available on virtual football for the pleasure of the punters.


How the Results of Games Are Decided:

The issue of how outcomes are decided has raised eyebrows amongst punters. It should be noted that the result of a match is decided by several factors, but with a heavy element of randomness built into the game so that any result between any two teams is possible.


Mostly the outcome of a game mirrors real-life football in that stronger teams should win more often, but there is always the chance of an upset, and they sometimes do occur.


Making Money in Virtual Football:

You certainly can win a lot of money from virtual football, but it does depend a great deal on luck, perhaps more so than it would if you were betting on real-life football where you can at least undertake a bit of research to help inform your bet and give you a better chance of picking the right bet to be a winner.


That said, it is a fast and fun way to bet on football and it is a game that is growing in popularity. Though virtual football provides users with more games to wager on, occurring every few minutes and is available 24/7, there’s still no reason you can’t enjoy both virtual football and real-life football betting and betBonanza is one platform offering you the best of both worlds.


A fast-growing Nigerian sports betting brand, betBonanza offers a wide range of products and services including virtual, sports, games,online casinos, and a custom/ exclusive company owned number games called BonanzaBallz

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