Ada Jesus died due to Nigeria’s poor healthcare system- Nigerian Tweeps

Nigerian Twitter users have taken to the microblogging site to air their opinion about the death of popular comedienne, Ada Jesus. According to the users of the online platform, the comedienne died due to the country’s poor healthcare system.

So far, tweets about the comedienne’s death have generated a lot of engagements on Twitter and it has garnered over 12,000 tweets. The late skit maker trends at number two on the microblogging site.

The comedienne died two days after celebrating her birthday. The young lady had been battling kidney disease and eventually stroke which left her incapacitated before her death.

Her demise was announced by Harrison Gwamnishu, a man who had been taking care of the ailing comedienne. Gwamnishu led a group of Nigerians that took the comedienne to the hospital for medical treatment when reports of her illness went viral.

During an exclusive chat with The Punch Gwamnishu said the comedienne died this morning at 7:15 am.

He said, “Yes, she is dead. She died this morning at about 7:15 am I was at the hospital at the time she died. Yesterday evening she was strong, happy and laughing with us. She celebrated her birthday two days ago. We bought cake and drinks for her and she was happy. Everybody was happy with her as well. Yesterday evening she was still happy and when I was about to leave the hospital she did not want me to go but I had to lie to her that I was going to call the doctor, and then I left the hospital. At about 11 pm, her husband called me that they wanted to give her an injection and it cost N50,000 but they did not have the money so I had to transfer it to them.

“After she received the injection, they said that her breathing was very bad, I had to leave where I was at about 12:15 am to rush down to the hospital. At the time the doctors gave her oxygen to ensure that she was breathing fine. At about 1:30 am they moved her to the intensive care unit ward where they kept her. It was this morning that they confirmed that she had died.”

Before her death, the comedienne had made several allegations against some people, including veteran actress, Rita Edochie and Anambra-based prophet, Chukwuemeka Odumejeje. 

Ada Jesus had claimed that prophet Odumejeje, connived with Rita Edochie to stage fake miracles. The funny lady further alleged that she helps Edochie get men to sleep with her.

Due to these allegations, Edochie and Odumejeje vowed never to forgive the skit maker for her utterances. However, they both made a u-turn as they had a change of heart and forgave the humour merchant before she died.

The veteran actress, Rita Edochie, stated that she had forgiven Ada Jesus ‘from her heart of heart,’ while the prophet announced that he had forgiven the skit maker and it was reported that he offered her family N1m for her treatment.

Since the news of her death, Nigerian tweeps have taken to their various account to blame her death on the poor healthcare system in Nigeria.

For instance, Twitter influencer and medical doctor, Dr Olufunmilayo, via his Twitter handle @DrOlufunmilayo made a thread explaining that the comedienne would have survived her kidney disease if Nigeria had a good healthcare system. 

He tweeted, “Comedian Ada Jesus is dead. She died from kidney failure today. She could have lived a longer life- if she was in a system with top-notch healthcare. Curses don’t kill people. Let’s not make a fool of ourselves mentioning Odumeje or Rita Edochie. She was 22. RIP to her. So sad. As Nigerians, we hate the truth.

“We would leave the actual cause of death to chase fantasy nonsense like attributing the death of someone to curses. If curses were that effective, the Nigerian police force will all be dead, politicians will all be dead, NEPA will have no staff… Pls don’t join that illiterate ignorant band. I beg you all. Focus on the clear cause of death: Kidney failure.”(sic)

Also, Everest with the Twitter handle @novieverest, reiterated that the comedienne’s death was medical and not spiritual. He tweeted, “Just heard Ada Jesus is dead. For clarity sake, if the news is true, she didn’t die because she insulted Odumeje or Rita Edochie. She died of an illness. An illness that both young and old people die of. We need to focus on improving our health system. Top pastors have been cursing and wishing Buhari dead, baba travels to the UK and comes back fresher. With a better health system, Ada Jesus would have still been alive today. May her soul rest in peace.”

Another Twitter user, Sammy Sammy via his Twitter account @scad_official also blamed the country’s poor health care system for Ada Jesus’ death.

He tweeted, “When a patient dies, it’s the will of God. When he lives, it’s Daddy G.O’s prayers and nobody remembers the efforts of our underpaid doctors. Ada Jesus died because of our substandard health care system, not Odumeje’s nor Rita Edochie’s influence. Let’s not twist the narrative.”

@DoctorEmto further tweeted, “Odumeje should have performed a miracle. At least that’s easier. I’m sure Jesus won’t have someone like Ada Jesus begging for mercy face to face and leave her just like that to die. Since some of you want to ignore the importance of proper medical care.”

Meanwhile, other tweeps stressed that the late humour merchant died due to her ailment and not a spiritual attack.

Iyawo Rashford via her Twitter handle @semira_suleiman tweeted, “Ada Jesus died of kidney failure, not because of Odumeje or Rita Edochie and their curses. She died of kidney failure that has claimed a lot of lives ooo. Know this and know peace.”(sic)

Furthermore, Nicholas Ibekwe with the handle @nicholasibekwe wrote, “Everyone I spoke to in Awka thinks Ada Jesus died because she ‘insulted’ Odumeje and other ‘men of God.’ You people should stop already. The lady had a kidney ailment which probably killed her. Period! Your pastors’ brush or curse had zilch to do with her death. Make una rest.” (sic) (PUNCH)

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