YES Party urges Nigerians to be cheerful, Hopeful and take the opportunity offered for governance in 2019

YES says the 2019 elections provides the electorates the level to show their willingness for good governance and leadership .

The Yes Electorates Solidarity (YES) which is one of the newest and high raising political party in Nigeria has called on the Nigerian electorates to see 2019 as the year of freedom and opportunity for them to use their PVC as a powerful tool to usher in new, credible leaders and paving the ways for competent leaders that can change the narratives of the situations in the country in so doing making Nigeria better and greater especially where the obedience to rule of law became imperative and wholly followed to the fullest.

This was shared in the goodwill and New Year message of its Presidential Candidate Mr. Ali Soyode. Mr. Soyode while celebrating with Nigerians the joy of seeing another year stated that 2018 had its many crises and challenges.

It also showed the country could faired more among community of nations calling onto her citizens to be cheerful with the coming elections when with the outcomes, Nigerians will be more united under their electable leadership where each person is treated as a NIgerian not base on any ethnicity, religion or regions.

According to him, "2019 is a year when more than 60 millions Nigerian electorates will casts their votes for leaders that have the heart of Nigeria, and for us if elected, one of the major reasons we are so divided, are going to be abolished and banned. Such as State of origin, religion and ethnicity will be totally eliminated from any forms of job creation and employments."

"We will also encourage states to control their resources all the way down to each local government. As a nation has what it takes to succeed and be productive in a profitable way across many industries and diversify services.

It takes a visionary person to activate and implements all these opportunities in the country. We want to look at 2019 as a year when Nigeria becomes a hope of not just Nigerians but of the black race and take her rightful position especially with the involvement of educated, highly exposed citizens and those that really want to see a new Nigeria where rule of law works, properties and lives are protected."

"The creation of jobs will reduce the 86 million Nigerians now living in extreme poverty. The year 2019 holds a historic path for Nigeria, bright future with new crop of leaders who are joining the democratic process and collectively making her a better and stronger nation." Added Mr Soyode

Soyode urged Nigerians to be ready without fear or sentiments to use their PVC in all elections, defend their votes according to the laid down guidelines, be law abiding and seek peace at all cost.

He appealed to all media practitioners to contribute in the political process through the usage of their media platform to create awareness for all politicians, political parties and as a tool for the benefits of the electorates to have a fair understanding of all voting their rights and guidelines. He wishes all a prosperous New Year and successful elections in 2019.
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