Energy expert slams DisCos over comment on comprehensive energy audit

A renowned renewable energy promoter in Nigeria researcher and managing Director of Prince AdeS Oke Int’l Ventures, Prince Okedele Timothy has slammed the Executive Director (Research and Advocacy) of Association of Nigeria Electricity Distributors (ANED), Mr. Sunday Oduntan over the comment he made that he is oblivious of the development in the power audit study in Nigeria.

Mr. Oduntan made this comment recently during a live Radio (Yoruba) programme on BOND FM, where he responded to listeners questions and where he retorted that he was oblivious of the development in the power audit study in Nigeria.

Prince Okedele regarded the comment as impudence, unprofessional and discouraging.

According to Okedele, the need for a question on energy audit study was necessitated by Mr. Oduntan proclamation that since the population of Nigeria is about 184millions, the energy need of Nigeria should be equal to that figure a submission he noted was not consistent with reality on ground.

Okedele stressed that it is not possible for Nigeria to require 184million megawatt to have adequate power in the present circumstances.

He said that if comprehensive energy audit has been carried out, the relevant power authorities and stakeholders would be preside in their calculations and pronouncements, (instead of using obsolete foreign data as yardstick to determine total energy require or demand of Nigeria).

He further stated that,“Energy conservation opportunities can be identified through an in-depth, comprehensive energy study and optimal management. A careful planned energy management system provides a framework for balancing and integrating the economic interest of the organization. This is the founder mental principle.”

Advising Oduntan, Okedele hinted that crucial points from members of the public should not be taken with a pinch of salt, particularly as some of them are endowed with vibrant ideas capable to fast track growth.

Restating the undeniable importance of power audit which is different from mere enumeration, Okedele affirm that the stability in the power sector depends on having an insight into the actual energy need of the country, stressing that without this process; no amount of investment will yield result.

Similarly, Okedele express disappointment over the 5% - 10% import duty on solar panel by the federal government which may jack up price of the product.

He noted that this development will have a negative implication on the FG’s easy doing business and plan to lead Nigeria to solar and establish alternative energy in Nigeria such as the government plan to actualize the off-grid project to enhance the MSMEs across Nigeria.

Okedele asserted that the Rural electrification project of Nigeria will surfer a setback with a policy that introduce increase import duties on solar panels, at a time when the government should make such importations (incentive follow “CO2” carbon reduction footprint as been done in INDIA) free.

 He said that local production is at a zero level now which is why the country must rely on import (for few years) to encourage renewable energy, help researchers and support its wide spread acceptance, and action which will boost the energy matrix and technological status of the nation.

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